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With Tesla Referral Hub, you don't need to be Twitter famous to earn referral rewards. Get a Tesla referral link from our community and pleasantly surprise a current owner by ordering through their referral link.

All referral links are provided by Tesla owners.

Are you a Tesla owner?

Want more eyes on your referral link? Join us and potentially accelerate your path to rewards! Now you dont have to be social media famous to reap referral rewards!

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How It Works

Fair and Transparent Referral System

Our system ensures every Tesla owner's referral link gets a fair chance to be seen and used.


Equal Opportunity

Every time someone requests a referral link, our system selects the link that was shown least recently.

Display Count Tracking

Each time a referral link is displayed, we update its display count and last shown timestamp.

Rotation System

This ensures all referral links rotate fairly, giving each Tesla owner an equal chance to have their link shown.


Tesla owners can see how many times their link has been displayed, providing full transparency in the referral process.

Frequently Asked Questions

TeslaReferralHub connects Tesla enthusiasts with referral links, enabling everyone to earn rewards and promote sustainable driving without needing social media fame
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